What's your wedding hashtag?


Feel free to use this hashtag on your social media!

Is there parking available at the venue?

Yes. There will be plenty of free parking for all guests in the parking lot directly in front of the venue.

Will there be a cash or open bar?

There will be a light open bar.

Can I bring my kids?

While we would love our reception to be kid-free, so the adults can have a fun night, we know that the little ones in our lives may need to have some fun too! Parents, if this is the case for your kids, please let us know how many children will be joining you, and their age(s), when you RSVP.

Do you have a wedding registry?

Yes. Go to the menu/gift registry tab to see where we're registered.

Can I bring my gift to the wedding?

Your presence is present enough, but should you wish to bring a gift to our wedding, there will be a gift table for your convenience.

COVID-19 or any other sickness

If you or anyone in your party are feeling sick, please stay home.

We appreciate wanting to celebrate our union with us, but your health and the health of our family and friends are more important!

If you have been exposed or have tested positive for COVID-19 within 5 days of the wedding, please stay home!

Thank you for understanding