Our Story

the meet up

Jhanae and John's love story starts in November 2019. They found each other on the Facebook dating feature. Jhanae was going to swipe him away but thank God she didn’t! After just a few conversations, they decided to meet in person for their first date. Jhanae was sitting on a bench outside of the movie theater when she heard John say her name as he was approaching her. (See "the proposal" for a look at the bench). They've been inseparable ever since.

The proposal

Jhanae thought they were headed to a double date but, little did she know, some of her closest family and friends were awaiting their arrival. Jhanae was so confused when her mom and sister, who she thought had plans, were walking towards her. And when she saw her dad and brother (who live in NYC and NJ) right behind them, she knew this had to be the day! At the same spot they first met, in Rio Lakefront, Gaithersburg, John got down on one knee and popped the question!